VCE-Norfolk Master Gardener 2015 Training Sessions              

Our VCE-Norfolk Master Gardener training is a 10 week program that includes classroom lectures and instructional field trips.The sessions will be held at various City of Norfolk venues.

v  Orientation is Thursday, Feb 19

v  Training Sessions are each Tuesday & Thursday from February 24 - April 28

v  Sessions begin at 8:45a and end no later than 12noon

v  Graduation is Thursday, April 30 from 10a to 12noon

For additional information and to register for the training sessions, please contact:       VCE office 757.683.2816




Ask a Norfolk Master Gardener !

Interested in lawn care and maintenance?

The Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences along with the Virginia Cooperative Extension have put together a series of short videos about lawn care and maintenance that cover topics such as Choosing the Right Grass and Lawn Composting.

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